PwC Cyprus Annual Review 2016

PwC Cyprus completed financial year 2016 a few months after Cyprus successfully exited a three-year economic adjustment programme within the initial time frame and without using all the program funds.

A painful, yet necessary adjustment that helped to substantially restore the credibility of the country and its banking system with the cooperation of all political and business stakeholders and the commitment and sacrifices of the Cypriot people.

This achievement is testament to the resilience of both the economy and the people of Cyprus. As such they are a source of optimism for the future.

Whilst the Cyprus economy has returned to growth, economic downturn combined with adverse geopolitical developments in international markets important to Cyprus pose new challenges.

Our 2016 Annual Review, which I proudly present to you, confirms the positive impact our organisation has had by ‘doing the right thing for its clients, its people and society’ and focusing on helping our clients face important challenges and working to restore trust.

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